WHAT: Italian BYOW restaurant tucked away in the West-Island
HOURS: Tuesday through Sunday 4:30 pm to Closing
WHERE: 13071 Gouin boulevard West, Pierrefonds, H8Z 1X1
RESERVATIONS: (514) 620-9200

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Vivaldi is a bit in the middle of nowhere but definitely stands out as one of the better restaurants in the West-Island. Right off of Gouin blvd between St. John’s and Des Sources.


It’s a decently large restaurant with high ceilings and a comforting atmosphere and decor. It can get a little loud, it’s always busy! That being said, make sure you make reservations in advance or be prepared to wait (maybe polish off a bottle while waiting for a table??). You can also watch the chefs do their thing as the kitchen is customer facing. I always like being able to see where my food is coming from.


The food is very delicious, as good as you’ll find in the West-Island and would put up a good fight against some city Italian joints. Your typical Italian cuisine; veal, chicken, pizza, pasta, seafood.


My suggestions:


Bruschetta with goat cheese, fried squid, tomato & bocconcini, fried zucchinis, or grilled sausage.



Veal scallopini with lemon, marsala, or dijonnaise. Mussels (dijonnaise or marinara). Tortellini la contessa, oven baked pastas are pretty good for a restaurant (will never be like Nonna’s but most places I don’t like them at all). Their Penne arrabiata is good also as a side dish with your main instead of veggies or spaghetti. Their thin-crust pizzas are great as well, I like Numero Uno but there are plenty to choose from so take your pick!



Not a big dessert guy so you’re on your own for that one!


I’ve been here several times and the service has always been on the money. Friendly, prompt, and always around if you need anything. The owners are quite involved as well, you can see them clearing tables and socializing with their guests. Never had any issues with the service here.


BYOW – I love bring your own wine restos, why pay a premium for something I know I can get cheaper elsewhere – and that I will like? Major points for this (although I wouldn’t care if it wasn’t, just a bonus!). It’s also another reason why it can get loud :)


If you’re looking for a place in the West for larger groups, Vivaldi is a fantastic place for groups (birthdays, anniversaries, parties, etc.) and doesn’t break the bank!


If you’re in the West-Island, Vivaldi should definitely be on your list of places to check out.



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