Suwu Montreal

SuWu Montreal

SUWU MONTREAL – Your Neighbourhood Bar


WHAT: SuWu is a neighbourhood bar on the Main (St. Laurent blvd. for the out-of-towners)


WHERE: 3581 Boul. St. Laurent, Montreal, H2X 2T6


HOURS: Monday to Friday: 5PM – 3AM, Saturday and Sunday: 10AM – 3AM




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I’ve been to SUWU a few times now and have yet to be disappointed! It’s very unassuming from the outside, they don’t even have a sign so it can easily be missed. It’s at the corner of Prince Arthur and St. Laurent next to the Scotia Bank. For those of you who know the area a bit, it’s the old Cafeteria supper club. If you do wander in you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the decor, service, and of course, the food and drinks.


There’s something about SuWu that makes you feel instantly at ease when you walk in. They have designers Amylyne Phillips (La Chambre Design) and Tania Pero (Ateliers Lovasi) to thank for that. The decor is antique chic, kind of like a fancy wood cabin. I’ll let you decide what you want to call it as I’m not even close to being an interior designer. I can tell you that it looks and feels right. Lots of wood, hanging lights, overhead ivy trellises, booths, high tables, sofas, an interesting almost 360° bar area, and all kinds of old stuff adorns just about everything. The kind of place that would turn into your local if you live in the area. In the summer, windows that open onto the busy street and lets lots of sunshine and a good breeze flow through.


The vibe is very laid back during the day and on quieter nights, upbeat and borderline wild when it’s busy (think Thursday to Saturday). The staff is very attentive and sociable but not overbearing. They’ll strike up a conversation, help you out with suggestions, or leave you alone if need be. There’s also a hip-hop soul to the place with drinks that go by the names Big Booty Ho (always draws a smirk when ordering), Brooklyn’s Finest, and Wu-Tang (all are recommended). To add to that they play some sweet hip hop tunes, both old school and new jams. You might also want to check out their Saturday/Sunday brunch, haven’t had the chance to try it out but word is that it’s pretty good…also, unlimited mimosas!! Might just be the only place in MTL that does that, if you know of any others – let me know!




 I had the Grilled Cheese Mac & Cheese, delicious and not I-hate-myself-for-eating-this worthy. It was creamy and crusty (the bread) and tasty, a great snack. I also had the Salmon Tartare which was one of the freshest tasting I’ve had in Montreal. The Cheeseburger Empanadas were decent but not amazing. The chicken dumplings, again, nothing great and you can definitely find better elsewhere. The Veal Meatball tacos were good as were the lobster rolls.


For the drinks, definitely try the Big Booty Hoe, Thug Passion, and if you want a solid brew, the SUWU Ale is great and at $4 it’ll make your wallet smile. Otherwise, they’ve got all your standard drinks.


They’ve got some interesting items on the menu and like to switch things up a bit so if you’re with a few people get different things and share them all with each other. Their brunch on weekends has items like Breakfast Bruschetta, Fried Egg BLT, and Fried Chicken French Toast with blueberries(!). Keep checking their Facebook page for new food and special events.


Owners Nathan Gannage and Zack Macklovitch did a great job with SuWu, successfully creating a trendy yet unpretentious place where many will feel at home. So check out SuWu, your friendly neighbourhood bar…and then some!

All photos courtesy SuWu’s Facebook Page

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